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Posted on May 16, 2013 in Behavioral Science, News, Video | 0 comments

Human DNA Super Science, 95% of the Human Molecular Make-up is NOT Junk


2012-dna-super-science-movie-coverWhat has long been (40+ years) known as Junk DNA to be cut from testing at get go, a supposed byproduct or insulating material which served no purpose, turns out to house the most fascinating discoveries in human existence, ever. This information started to leak around September 2012, in the scatter dust of the Human Genome Project that was largely funded from 2001 to 2010, to map out and identify each genome in the Human DNA Sequence. This attack was initiated with a strenuous cataloging process in mind and evolved through many phases including laser system machine driven factory style cataloging and comparisons of DNA samples. There was no initial wowing result to this other than, the tremendous achievement of scientifically identifying each point in the DNA.

If humanity was looking for a marvelous change to occur in 2012, this was it; in two years following the formation of this great Human Genome Project stepping stone, scientist started coming up with test results that indicated behavioral action had genetic results, as well as DNA’s error proof ability to store tremendous amounts of data, and that changes were possible at the human genetic level by accessing and understanding what we once called Junk DNA.

As the headlines seem to remain something one was dig for a bit, we put together a collection of them in the video post. Another point seen in the collection of headlines, is the rapid increase in government sampling of DNA. One thing to think about with this science is to fully understand the different working parts, it would be important to collect a very wide variety of DNA samplings.

Some of the next stepping stones will undoubtedly be connecting all genealogical lines of ancestry in the human race. This human-dna-serve-lightwould uncover realities or falsehoods in ideas such as the twelve tribes of Israel, for one example. Much of this work has been done significantly in the aristocratic communities already. Interestingly, today’s leader in genealogical research is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who has done all of there lineage and research by paper records, and very little lab results. Another stepping stone will be disease and cellular aging cures, many already believe that the possibility to live forever is real. The problem this stepping stone will have is that explorations in molecular disease repair would put the drug companies, “Big Pharma” out of business. It will essentially put the entire health care system, and all the money it makes and assets it has now to treat patients out the window. This science seems to have a world wind of political adversaries to “breakthrough.”


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